Rally Tracks and Championships

Rally Track Basics

There are many types of car races, depending on the track, type of car, and the style. If you are looking to get started, or you want to try and even learn more about it, here is some basic info.

There are many Rally Tracks and Championships, so here is the deal. A rally is basically one car at a time, on a public road that has been closed for the race. Rallycross are multiple cars at once, on a track that is specifically made for races. The whole point with rally racing is that the rules are similar to those you would have while driving on the street. What’s more, these cars have to have registrations, and pass emissions like any regular car would have to do. After that, you can do certain modifications to improve performance. However, rallycross allows you to make even more modification, and they don’t have to be street legal.

Rally Tracks and Championships

This means that everything goes: broken light, replacing parts, adding and much more. Both of these types can take place on gravel, mud, dirt, and uneven terrain, which is the whole point. Being able to drive well in all those situations. If you want to try Rally Tracks and Championships, you have to know the basics and go through both types so you can get as much experience as possible.

Whatever type you choose, what you need to have is adaptability, courage, and be able to handle different situations. Once you master that, you will be able to enjoy it, and use your skills in multiple ways.